Terms & conditions

The guest house has the terms and conditions laid out below.


If the guest house can offer the booking you want the payment conditions will be those shown below.

If the Joetsukan ryokan is able to accept your enquiry you will be required to pay the full amount on arrival at the guest house. Your credit card details will be taken as a guarantee.
The Joetsukan ryokan has the following cancellation terms
Cancellation timeGuest house's cancellation charge
Before midnight 7 days before arrival.No charge
After midnight 7 days before arrival and before midnight on 3 days before arrival.30% of total cost of stay
After midnight 3 days before arrival and before midnight on 1 days before arrival.50% of total cost of stay
After midnight 1 until check-in time on arrival day.70% of total cost of stay
No show100% of total cost of stay
All times here refer to Japanese time (UTC plus 9 hours). So seven days before arrival day means seven days as measured in Japan. Furthermore, the times of cancellation referred to in the terms and conditions are the times as recorded in the database at Where to stay in Japan for when a cancellation is recorded. Please be aware that, depending on server load, processing time and connection speeds, the time recorded in the database is likely to be very slightly later than the time when the cancellation action was initiated on the booker's browser.
Midnight in these terms and conditions midnight refers to the time recorded in the database at at Where to stay in Japan as 15 hours, zero minutes, zero seconds UTC. As Japan is nine hours ahead of UTC this corresponds to a Japanese time of midnight at the end of the day in question. Thus, midnight on the first of a month occurs at the end of the first and the beginning of the second of the month. In the terms and conditions above 'Before midnight' means 'before and including midnight'.
All sums of money will be taken and refunded in Japanese yen. Any indication of costs or refunds on this site in any other currency are only indicative. Any refunds that might become due under the terms and conditions will be refunded in yen. All costs of translating from the booker's currency to Japanese yen shall be borne by the booker. This means that, because of possible currency fluctuations between a time of payment and a time of refund the booker may receive less (or more) than originally paid as a result of changes in the exchange rate.

Important. All times are recorded at Where to stay in Japan as UTC times. Local times quoted here are found by using the time zone from the computer used by you when you requested the booking. If the time on that computer was not accurate the time zone calculated may be wrong and so all local times here are indicative only.